Resolution providing for the designation and transfer of certain public properties within the South Oakland neighborhood to become permanent, public, passive open space under the Greenways for Pittsburgh program.


WHEREAS, The City of Pittsburgh has the Greenways for Pittsburgh program which consolidates hillside properties into permanent, public, passive open space that serves to benefit the adjacent neighborhoods specifically and the City in general, and

WHEREAS, such a greenway is expected to benefit the South Oakland neighborhood in many ways, including:

  • Continuing to keep a steep, landslide-prone hillside undisturbed and thus contributing to the promotion of hillside stability;
  • Retaining the physical and aesthetic values offered by the wooded slopes; and
  • Promoting efficiency in the provision of public infrastructure and public services through the ability to close and vacate streets and utilities in Greenway areas where development will not occur.

WHEREAS, on January 25, 2011, the City Planning Commission voted unanimously to recommend that the highest and best use of these properties is as permanent, protected, passive open space and that they be designated a Greenway as part of the Greenway Program.


Be it resolved by the Council of the City of Pittsburgh as follows:

Section 1. The Finance Department is authorized to transfer the properties within the South Oakland neighborhood (which are listed in Appendix A) to the Department of Parks and Recreation to become permanent, passive open space named The Oakcliffe Greenway under the City of Pittsburgh’s Greenways for Pittsburgh Program.

Section 2. Department of Finance is to secure, transfer and convey all right, title, and interest, if any, from the County of Allegheny and School District of the City of Pittsburgh through their appropriate action after the properties are transferred to the Department of Parks and Recreation.

Section 3. A Neighborhood Stewardship Commitment is required within five (5) years to assure the continuation of the Greenway.

Section 4. After five (5) years, a report on the status of the Greenway is to be made to City Council if one has not been filed.

Section 5. All property owners adjacent to a designated Greenway found to be encroaching on this City-owned property will either cease the encroachment or purchase from the Finance Department the area of encroachment (providing the area is no greater than their existing lot, and the depth and width of the encroachment is no greater than the existing lot) while providing an appropriate barrier or fence, with design approval by the appropriate City of Pittsburgh Department, to prevent further encroachment.