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Missing Crosswalk on Forbes Avenue

At the bottom of the cobblestone area, the lower exit ramp for the Birmingham Bridge intersects Forbes Avenue. If cyclists have ridden on the pedestrian path, there are several problems they face:

  • Although required for ADA compliance, there are no curb cuts on either the east or west side of this exit ramp.
  • Although there is a stop line, there is no pedestrian crosswalk painted or room for it to be placed. To fix problem, the stop line should be moved back and a crosswalk should be painted in this location.
  • The logical location for this crosswalk connects to an unpaved area under the bridge. The sidewalk under the Birmingham Bridge should be widened to include this unpaved strip under the bridge.
  • Although there are pedestrian crossing indicators here, they are aimed in the wrong direction so that they cannot be seen from the path. These pedestrian crossing signs need to be redirected so that pedestrians can see them.
Missing Crosswalk on Forbes Avenue
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