Craft Avenue Slope

This section provides a survey of the specific problems of creating a bike path connector from Craft Avenue in South Oakland down to the Eliza Furnace Trail.


Craft Avenue Slope #1

The first of these images shows the extreme slope from Craft Avenue down to the elevation of Mackey and Hodge Streets.

Craft Avenue Slope 1


Craft Avenue Slope #2

Moving around this box canyon at the termination of Hodge Street, this image shows the slope behind the old Isaly’s building on Boulevard of the Allies.

Craft Avenue Slope 2


Craft Avenue Slope #3

This image shows Craft Avenue slope as it exists behind the electrical relay station at the corner of Boulevard of the Allies and Bates Street. Reference the vertical tree on the left side of the picture to understand the steepness of the slope.

Craft Avenue Slope 3


View from Mackey Street up to Craft

Viewed upward from Mackey Street, the buildings at the very top of this picture show the condominiums on Craft Avenue. The vertical elevation difference between Mackey Street and Craft Avenue is about 100 vertical feet.

View from Mackey Street up to Craft Avenue


View of Hillside from Hodge Street

This shows the extent of the box canyon as viewed from the bottom. There is an un-walkably steep slope entirely surrounding this house off of Hodge Street.

View of Hillside from Hodge Street