Duquesne University Walkway


Duquesne Pedestrian Bridge

Travling west, the next opportunity for a pedestrian or cyclist to cross Interstate 376 is the Duquesne University Pedestrian Bridge. To reach this bridge, travelers need to go past the checkpoint to enter the Duquesne campus, step up two stairs to reach the steel deck of the crosswalk, and then walk down 28 open grate steel stairs to reach ground at the level of Interstate 376.

Duquesne Pedestrian Bridge


View Down Duquesne Walkway Staircase

The problem with this solution of crossing Interstate 376 to reach the Eliza Furnace Trail is that after one crosses the Duquesne University Walkway, one must descend another 200 vertical feet down a cement staircase to reach the elevation of Second Avenue below. A cyclist would need to carry their bicycle all the way down or up this staircase, a difficult and scary decent or climb even with one hand securely on the steel railing. Finally, at the bottom of this stairway, one must cross Second Avenue, which is four lanes of high speed traffic, cut diagonally across a parking lot, walk around a chain link fence, and finally make it onto the Eliza Furnace Trail.

View Down Duquesne Staircase