Rock Alley Action Team


Meeting Minutes: Thursday, August 11th, 2011


Attendance: 7


Purpose: Connect West Oakland, South Oakland, and the Business District with the Eliza Furnace Trail and 2nd Ave.


1. Dave Panasiuk took us on a walk down the actual site for the trail

  • a. Visited the tunnel (…from behind the fence)
  • b. Saw foundations of the old tenement housing
  • c. Discussed history of the site

2. Updates

  • a. Elly Fisher was able to talk to Jason Kambitsis from City Planning about setting up a meeting during the day.
  • b. We will be visiting Mt Washington Community Development Corporation to discuss how they created their trail at Emerald View Park. This will also be a visit during the day.
  • c. If anyone is interested in attending the meetings during the day, please email Samuel K Su at with your availability. We will send out an email as soon as we get a set date and time.

3. Website information

  • a. The site is up (!
  • b. Phil Garrow will be working on the site for our group and he is looking for some concepts for design. We touched on a few topics for the website, and we are still open to more related topics.
  • c. 2 proposed paths for the trail: a direct route (possibly steps) and a bike path.
  • d. History of the area
  • e. A volunteer page
  • f. Funding information
  • g. What we have done as a group
  • h. Please submit any information or related topics to and Phil will be able to add it to the website

4. Next Meeting

  • a. Thursday, August 25th from 6-7:30PM (bi-weekly meetings) at Community Human Services’ community space