Welcome!  This web site is dedicated to the redevelopment of part of the area formerly known as Soho, in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh PA.  This area is located on the Oakcliffe hillside behind Lawn Street and Ophelia Street.

The most emblematic area in Soho was called Rock Alley, a winding path along the hillside lined by workers’ homes.  The Soho area once housed more than 100 families, but was abandoned after the construction of Interstate 376 cut into the Oakcliff hillside.

In 2008, David Panasiuk petitioned the city of Pittsburgh to become the Steward of the Rock Alley area of Soho, with the intent of transforming the overgrown land into a public greenway.

In 2011, the city of Pittsburgh granted this petition, and the Rock Alley Community Action Team was formed.  This team, named after the Rock Alley path, is now working to create the Rock Alley Bike and Pedestrian Path that connects Lawn Street to Second Avenue, allowing people to easily travel from South Oakland to the Eliza Furnace Bicycle Trail.

As seen in the map below, the red line indicates the proposed location of the bike and pedestrian path, and the blue line indicates the already existing pedestrian tunnel below Interstate 376.

This Path will facilitate travel from Oakland to the Oakland Technology Park, as well as to Downtown Pittsburgh, the Southside, and Greenfield.